Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wii Now Have a Wii

After the serious Wii shortage that has been ongoing since before Christmas, we'd pretty much given up hope of being able to find one at a retail store. I was resigned to purchasing one through ebay for our daughter's birthday in August. Two weeks ago, we were at Walmart getting groceries when we happened to cruise through the electronics section. As we walked past the video game consoles, I spotted a single white box on the bottome shelf. I asked the sales lady if that was, in fact, a Wii console - not one of those $500+ bundles you have to buy on - and she said yes, they had just received a shipment of 12, and this was the last one.

Well, of course I grabbed it, thinking there wouldn't be another chance like it any time soon. As we were checking out, a guy walked up asking if they had any more in stock...One hour later, we were in Blockbuster renting a movie, when I spotted another console for sale. This past weekend, we were back in the same Blockbuster and they had 4 units on the shelf - all for $249. Have they finally produced enough to satisfy demand? I quick search online suggests that it's still difficult to find anything other than a high-priced bundle, but obviously not impossible.

As for the game system itself, so far I've been very impressed. I had played the Wii Sports games before, and knew what to expect, but was a little wary of how the standard Super mario type adventure games would work with the unusual Wii configuration. I was pleasantly surprised, and have really enjoyed every game i've played so far. It was well worth the purchase price!

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skrimp said...

And has your child (the "recipient" of the game system) gotten to enjoy it?!?