Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chris Kroc'll Make You Jump!

So all of Macon is in an uproar over that young fella that filled in for two days on our local morning talk radio program. I listen pretty regularly, at least for the 10 to 15 minutes it takes for me to get to the office every morning, so I caught a few excerpts of Chris Krok's now infamous tenure at the AM 940 microphone. His style was certainly a little abrasive and "in-your-face", although I must admit that I quite enjoyed his little run-in with Macon's very own Big Momma, Elaine Lucas.

One other councilman even called in to chastise Krok for showing such little respect for an elected official. Others have pointed out that it's only us young 'uns, with our lack of respect for our elders, that enjoyed the show. I would have to argue that a certain amount of deference should be shown toward people who 'serve' their community; but respect is something that must be earned over time, and Mrs. Lucas has had plenty of time to earn that respect during her tenure on the council...we'll just leave it at that. I will note, however, that as soon as Mrs. Lucas ran out of argument, she resorted to implications about the host's age.

In other news, the past two days have featured Ron and his guest-host du jour answering non-stop phone calls from people either complaining or rejoicing in the glory of Krok's performance. If nothing else, I've never heard the phone lines to the station this busy, so he's certainly stirred up interest in the show. As for this young 'un, I thought he was decent, though I prefer the inestimable Mr. Erickson.

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