Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Help Dr. Dobson

Dr. Dobson ticked me off many months ago when he stated that he wouldn't support John McCain in the general election. It was a childish reaction to the reality that we as Christians live in a democracy with many who don't think as we do, but I still have tremendous respect for what he has done to expand God's Kingdom. He has deservedly been nominated for inclusion in the Radio Hall of Fame, and needs our help. Few have had as much of an impact on radio as he has, and he continues to draw millions of listeners every day.

A group called Truth Wins Out is trying prevent him from being included based on the fact that they disagree with his ideology. That's right - a liberal group is trying to ban someone from inclusion in the hall of fame because he doesn't believe what they do. That champion of tolerance and diversity, the American Left, is discriminating against someone based on their religious beliefs. This only confirms what we all know to be true - tolerance and diversity of thought is only okay when it doesn't involve conservative Christians and their beliefs.

Go vote for Dr. Dobson today, and help defeat this hypocritical nonsense.

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