Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Election Consequences

The last few decisions from the seemingly all-powerful panel of Supreme Court justices have given conservatives all the reason they need to get over their distain for John McCain this November. We can see, from the contrast in two of the more recent decisions, the delicate balance on which the nature of this court now rests. First, we have the irresponsible, dangerous, and downright illogical decision to allow terrorist prisoners access to the American court system. More recently, the decision to uphold the Constitution's 2nd Amendment provides some encouragement that they all haven't completely wandered off the reservation.

At least 4 of the men and women on the panel have evidently managed to throw off the shackles of common sense, permanently overcoming its influence over their reasoning. Justice Souter continues to defame the reputation of the president who appointed him, while the other 3 produce exactly the type of decisions expected of liberals with an agenda. Justice Kennedy remains the only wild card at this point, sometimes allowing common sense and respect for the Constitution to prevail, while other times, well not so much...

What does this have to do with McCain? Well, I don't even want to think about the kind of judges a president Obama would nominate for this delicately balanced court. We need judges who will rule on the constitutionality of laws based on the Constitution itself. Despite what many of these judges believe, the Constitution does not change unless amended, and public opinion and the practices of foreign nations should have no influence in their decisions whatsoever. McCain has promised to produce judicial nominees who recognize that. Of course, there's always the risk of another Souter, but I'll take that risk any day over the certainty of what Obama would produce.

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