Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Post Racial President?

I realize that the "Reverend" Joseph Lowery is an old man, who's probably getting a little senile. He may even have been the subject of some cruel treatment at the hands of white folks some forty years ago. But his "prayer" yesterday was pretty insulting, not to mention incredibly ignorant. Let's point out the already remarkably obvious irony in this situation:

This man is supposed to be saying a prayer at the inauguration of the nation's first black president. A president put in office by a majority white electorate, and he's "praying" that the Lord "help us to work for that day when...white will embrace what is right." Wow. Either he had no idea where he was, or he's so full of hate that he can't think straight.

Of course, there is another explanation. People like this so-called reverend, including Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wrong, have no intention of giving up their positions of power - positions secured by spreading and manufacturing hatred and division - just because the rest of us have moved beyond racial differences. And some of you silly people probably thought this election would mean the end of race baiting.

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