Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Patriotism is Cool Again

I was thinking about this yesterday, after catching little bits and pieces of the Immaculate Obaminauguration, and I'm glad to see that others have noticed the sudden surge of patriotism among liberals. You know, I don't recall a single liberal waving an American flag, or singing patriotic songs during the last 8 years. Yet another example of the utter childishness of so many on the left. They're only patriotic when "their side" is in charge. For the last 8 years, while Chimpy McBush Hitler was taking orders from Darth Cheney, America was derided as an evil empire.

When a big bad conservative is in office, America is the reason for every bad thing that happens around the world. We don't just see rational opposition to the policies being implemented during times of conservative rule, we see flags burned, unruly crowds spitting on people they disagree with, and behavior that suggests a complete hatred for all things American.

But how quickly we are reminded not to question anyone's patriotism. So, now that Barack is President, and the Democrats control congress, America is back to being the best nation on earth, and liberals nationwide love their country again. I'm sorry, but I question that brand of "patriotism." Please note the behavior of conservatives over the next 4 years, and let me know if you see any flag burning, spitting, riots, or general America-bashing when our new president tries to implement socialized medicine, run our economy into the ground with hysterical responses to the myth of global warming, or expand the so-called right to abortions.

I wouldn't hold you breath. You see, aside from the fact that most of us conservatives have actual careers and families, we just don't operate that way. We've had to grow up. And when you grow up and become a big person, you don't pitch a fit every time you don't get your way. I for one love this country no matter who is in charge. I won't agree with everything President Obama does, and I will vocally oppose him when necessary, but I will continue to love this nation no matter what he or anyone else does.

America is still the best nation on earth - even under a president I don't like, trust, or agree with. It's called living in a democracy. We've come to terms with that. When are these other idiots going to grow up?

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