Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Work

I feel like I've been out of touch with the world for the last month, as we spent time in Tucson, AZ and Park City, UT. It was really the first time I've done any major travelling since a trip to Hawaii a few years ago, and I'd forgotten how tiring it can be. It's taken a while to get back on schedule, and making time to post on here has been even harder, but I'm finally getting back in the groove.

We've had an interesting couple of weeks leading up to the inauguration, and I have to admit that I'm getting a little bit nauseous at the giant collective joygasm over this guy. So many people are going to be so very disappointed...

It's been very enlightening, watching the media and others fawning over our new president, and I'll be very interested to see how everyone views him this time next year. My instinct is that our new president is "too big to fail." We've been hearing that a lot in the last few months, mostly concerning banks and other financial institutions, but I think it certainly applies to President Obama (see that...I referred to him as "President Obama", even though I disagree with him...I refuse to descend into the kind of dispicable, immature behavior we've witnessed from the left over the last 8 years).

The media has far too much invested in the phenomenon that is President Obama to ever allow him to fail. No matter what he does, and I honestly believe he will make some very big mistakes over the next four years, his tenure in office will never be portrayed as anything other than a complete success. The left has too much to lose. A lot of folks will laugh at this, but look at our outgoing president. The man was able to keep America free of terrorist attacks after 9/11, got our economy going after inheriting a recession (you won't convince me the current recession can be laid at his feet), and stood resolute in the face of some of the most childish and inane criticism any president has ever faced.

And yet, what is the general opinion among the ignorant masses? Everything from global warming to Katrina to the credit crunch is "Bush's fault." He's seen as the "Worst President Ever", thanks in large part to the media. Don't get me wrong. President Bush made many mistakes, and his refusal to stand up and defend himself was one of the most frustrating. He tried to govern as a "Big Government Conservative", an oxymoron to any true conservative, and he certainly deserves criticism for many bad decisions. But I for one believe that he will be remembered as a courageous man who was willing to be the villian, if it meant keeping us safe.

Maybe not in my lifetime, but in generations to come, he'll be remembered as he should be. Besides, he can't hold a candle to Jimmy Carter when it comes to "Worst President Ever", and judging by our new president's affinity for Carteresque policy, we may have a new benchmark in a few years time.

Thank you, President Bush.

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