Monday, January 26, 2009

It's All On You, Donkey

We're about to see exactly what happens when liberal ideology is put into practice. President Obama, the Democratic Congress, and their cheerleaders in the press are about to have to put up or shut up. For eight years they've all railed against everything the GOP has done. Offering plenty of criticism, but not one actual alternative solution to any of the problems we face.

During his campaign, we were led to believe that Obama would be a transformative leader - one who brought new ideas, and a new kind of leadership, to the running of our nation. Well, just as some of us knew all along, we are going to get nothing of the sort. Every solution offered to date is nothing more than old-school liberalism, and just like in years past, it's going to fail.

Oh, the president is making a good show of listening to alternative ideas, but don't expect him to do anything other than try and spend his way out of this recession. It's the typical democrat response to any problem: throw more money at it, put more inept bureaucrats in charge of it, let Nanny government kiss-it-make-it-better. Just like FDR's New Deal nonsense, it won't do anything other than saddle our grandchildren with ridiculous debt, and permanently enhance the government's intrusion into our lives.

Our president's so-called stimulus package is nothing short of a joke. It will do nothing more than mask the problems within the financial sector, but more importantly, it will purchase many more loyal Democrat voters. If he gets his way, a significant majority of Americans will no longer pay taxes, but will reap unprecedented benefits from the government. Those who achieve success will be paying for those who don't bother. Joe the Plumber was dead on - if this isn't redistribution of wealth, then I don't know what is.

And now, our illustrious joke of a Speaker, Pelosi, has decided that government-provided contraception is the way to stimulate our economy. I'm really at a loss for words here. All I can say is, this is what you asked for, America. We're reaping the results of all the government-educated, ignorant, lazy fools in the voter pool, and it isn't going to be pretty.

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