Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ted Kennedy

I wanted to take a moment to comment on the sad news about Senator Kennedy. There couldn't be a greater contrast between two people than the one between the Senate's "Liberal Lion" and an unknown political junkie like myself. I disagree with pretty much everything the Senator has supported in his impressive career. But sometimes it's important to be reminded that these politicians are people just like us...people with families and friends who care about them. I've never met the man, but this article speaks to his personality and the impact he has had on every member of the Senate.

Unfortunately, the comments section of the article has drawn out the lowest of the low. It didn't take long for the charge of "this is God's judgement on him for his Liberal ways" to surface. I always wonder how it is that these people have access to the mind of the Almighty God. How else can they be so certain about His motives? The bottom line is we are told to love and pray for our enemies - period. If this disease claims Senator Kennedy's life, then he will answer to God for his actions - as will all of us.

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