Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Could This Be The End...?

It's looking more and more like Obama will be the Democratic nominee for president. I can't decide if that's a good thing or not so much...from my position, having this man as our president is a horrifying possibility. Of course, according to the media and other followers of HopeChange Incarnate, that must be because I am a racist. This is, after all, a black man. The only issue that matters, therefore, is race. Or didn't you know that one is not permitted to question a candidate's positions on specific policy if said candidate is, a) a minority, or b) a woman? We must all look past any lingering doubts about a candidate's experience (or lack thereof), judgement, socialist views (and spouses), and the potential for running America into the ground, in order to accomplish that much greater goal of electing a minority to the White House. Don't worry about what he'll actually DO once elected. After all, anyone would be better than George W. Bush-Who-Lied-and-Hates-Black-People! LIED!

Back in February and March, before the Rev. Wright poo-poo hit the fan, I was genuinely concerned about any GOP nominee's ability to stop the Coming of Obamessiah. People were losing their minds over this guy. But in the last few months, Americans have clearly been affected by the revelations concerning Obama's association with people who use a pulpit for spreading hatred and division. The Uniter's "spiritual advisers" and "dear friends" are the very antithesis of unity. I think it's become pretty clear, even among Democratic voters, that Obama may not be the stronger of the two candidates. Many within the Democratic party are probably wishing they had looked a little more closely at this guy before jumping on the Hope/Change train to utopia.

So, what will the Superdelegates do? They are, after all, in place to save the party from the ignorant decisions of voters. Their sole purpose is to make sure the often shortsighted voters don't make a mistake and saddle the party with an unelectable candidate. It appears that they will try to avoid the anger of black voters, giving Obama the nod despite the fact that he has won not a single swing state, or for that matter, the popular vote. In the meantime, they risk the wrath of the female vote. (yes, this is what happens when you make the election entirely about race/gender instead of policy)

It's all very entertaining to be honest. And it can only help our side. The American people will soon tire of hearing about a candidate's innate physical properties, as if one's race or gender was some proud achievment to champion as credentials for public office, and the debate will turn to policy. What will these people do to drive down the price of fuel, food, and other goods, and bring our economy back in line? How will they handle the wars and continue to ward off those who would destroy us? What will we do about our open borders, the impending social security crisis, and out-of-control government spending?

Or, for our more liberal voters, here's an alternate list: What what will they do to ensure evil oil companies (or, heck, evil corporations in general) get punished for making a profit while destroying the Earth Mother? How soon will they end our war of occupation, and surrender to those poor, misunderstood but otherwise peaceful jihadists? How soon will this person, as president, use the first of his/her three wishes from the White House fairy to eliminate our dependence on oil and the evil internal combustion engine by creating an alternative fuel that produces energy through the burning of corporate CEO's and other capitalist pigs? What will they do to see that Bush (LIED!) is prosecuted for LYING!, stealing an election, killing black people with a hurricane, starting a war for oil, LYING!, causing global warming, murdering innocent women and children in the Middle East with a war for oil, LYING!, and every other disaster (natural or otherwise) that falls upon mankind over the next 25 years.

This will certainly be a Change election. Voters are sick and tired of the current situation in Washington. But, people will eventually want solutions - solutions that involve detailed, feasible responses to the problems we face. Empty generic promises of "Hope" and "Change" aren't going to cut it.

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