Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Celebrity Genius

Lindsay Lohan has become the latest celebrity to help endear Sarah Palin to the general electorate. She put more than a few words together (all by herself, no doubt) on her MySpace page, slamming Palin's lack of experience and support for ideals that are not espoused by the hollywood elite. She also threw her considerable support (thousands of teeny-boppers and other well-informed political savants who will NOT forget about the election 3 days from now) behind the junior senator from Illinois - apparently totally oblivious to the irony of her charges concerning Palin's experience.

We shouldn't be too hard on poor Lindsay. She's just repeating what Matt Damon - who she probably thinks is the, "like, epitome of smartness, and stuff" - said a few days ago, and has now become the official hollywood talking point on the election. These are the kind of people who support Obama, and their disdain for an ordinary American woman (with more experience than their pick for president) is only helping to show the rest of this nation how Sarah Palin is one of us.

It's easy to see why liberals hate Sarah Palin. She is the perfect example of the successful practice of conservative principles, and she represents the majority of Americans. It's hard to see that from within the fantasy land of Hollywood, but it's true none the less.

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